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Driver outside the Dominican Territory is forbidden.
The benefit is 10 or more % of discount and will ensure that the car will be available the day reserved
The minimum age to rent a car is 25 years, if you are under this age and under 21 years pay a penalty of $ 3.95 per day plus tax. (we reserve the right to admit people between 21 and 24 years). I made a reservacion, but I didt receive the confirmation email You can Contact us by the email. Reservas@nellyrac.com, We will help you as soon as possible.
Of course, as long as this person is registered as an additional driver, the may cost 3.95 per day plus taxes.
It is essential to have a credit card to guarantee the rent, can this be shared, half cash half credit card. In the most recognized Nelly accept credit cards at time of rental. Credit cards accepted: Visa, Master Card, American Express, having these have funds available for a hold or release the amount of which depends on the reserved vehicle and days of rental. The client may end of lease pay cash in Pesos (RD $), Euros (EUR) or US Dollars (USD $).
Yes, May charges wil be applied
It is necessary when making the rent, pay your credit card, driver license and ID. If you are using a Foreign drivers license, you must present your passport. If you are using a credit card of another person, other than the driver, it is imperative that the owner of the plastic is present.
The amount varies according to coverage. In the case of automobiles and choosing the top cover to retain the refundable amount is US $ 200, but the total rental days. In units (Jeeps, minivans, vans) taking the top cover, the refundable amount to withhold is US $500, but the total rental days. If you choose our basic coverage  or coverage on your credit card in all units retain the refundable amount is of US$2,500, but the total rental days.
When delivering your vehicle we make sure its in good condition ,however if you have failures along the way to communicate as soon as possible with us and we will give you assistance, you can also contact the road assistance available 24 hours national 809-544-7111 option 3
Ideally return the vehicle in the same conditions as received , we have available the Prepaid -Full Tank service and also have the option to load it via our system when you return the latter has a variant cost referring to cost fuel pump .
If you decide not to take our hedges, and does not have in your credit card coverage for damage at time of rental value to retain your credit card in vehicles will be of US$2,500 in other units US$5000 (refundable return) plus the total rental days.
The car rental service includes assistance 24 hours nationwide road. You should only call the number 809-544-7111 / Option 3. Includes Crane, Mechanical Assistance Loss Keys, Legal Assistance and General Information. These services are subject to limitations under contract between Nelly and provider. The customer will be informed of when the service exceeds the contracted amount. By using this service the customer accepts the terms and limitations of the contract.

The protection cover you as is been their choice at the time of hire.