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Corporate Leasing

Operational Leasing

A single supplier, a single monthly payment and a single monthly invoice groups together all the procedures and expenses associated with the vehicle.

The equipment can be delivered 24 hours after the proposal is accepted.

The use of Leasing frees up treasury resources to face other more profitable expenses, improving debt ratios and profitability on assets.

The leasing fee does not represent amortization of the vehicle but only rental income, so it is not recorded as an asset or liability.
Our volume of operations allows us to have savings that we pass on to our clients based on volume and specialization.

Financial Security

  • A fixed expense independent of inflation for the contracted price
  • Fixed interest for the duration of the contract
  • Facilitates budgeting and reduces the risk of lack of control and expenses associated with habitual use or unforeseen causes
  • There are no legal fees
  • Fixed insurance cost

Tax Advantages

  • 100% deductible expense
  • ITBIS 100% deductible
  • No active taxes